Lillehammer with Friends

Sorry we left you hanging in Norway on our Hurtigruten cruise. Not to worry as the posts are written and we’ll be catching you up on the rest of our Scandinavian adventures. Since our return, we’ve been a little busy setting up a new home base in Arizona! There’ll be more on that in a future post. Until then, enjoy Scandinavia

We wrapped up our Hurtigruten vacation on 8 April and spent 2 more nights in Bergen. We boarded the scenic Bergensbanen train but from Bergen to Oslo this time, and no blizzards - just beautiful early spring views. On 10 April we arrived at our friend Siri’s home outside of Oslo to spend time with her family and travel with them to their ski cabin near Lillehammer. This was the beginning of Easter week in Norway when seemingly everyone takes a break and enjoys the last snow of winter and the first warm days and sun of spring.

We even managed to spend a day back in Oslo on Bygdøy peninsula enjoying the open-air Museum of Norwegian Cultural History and over 150 buildings relocated from various towns and rural sites around Norway. It is considered the world’s first open-air museum (founded 1881) and contains the great 13th century Gol stave church which was moved in the 1880s for preservation and restoration. It really was a marvel to see this, and unlike the stave church in Bergen, this is an original! The name stave derives from the buildings structure.

On 16 April, we said our goodbyes to our Norwegian family and boarded a train to Stockholm, Sweden leaving the beautiful fjords and mountains of Norway behind. Huge hugs and thanks to Siri and her family for making our trip to Norway extra special and for taking such good care of us!

All in all, we spent about a month in Norway and loved it from north to south, east to west. We’re glad we were able to see this beautiful country while the snows were still fresh which brought out more contrast, great texture, and depth to our views. Besides, isn’t that how one thinks of Norway? We understand summers are warm, green, and beautiful. It would be wonderful to see what’s beneath winter’s blanket of snow.

Takk (thank-you) for joining our journey.
Stay tuned,