Barcelona, Spain Revisited

We began our travels into Spain by boarding a train on 17 September for Barcelona from Narbonne, France. As some of you may remember from our 2016 trip to Europe, we were in Barcelona for 2 nights, but wanted to come back and see more of architect Antoni Gaudi’s work, finish walking the rest of the famous Las Ramblas pedestrian walk, and eat more tapas (small foods). Since we were here for only 3 nights, we stayed at a hotel close to what we wanted to see and do.

As you all know by now, Barcelona’s Las Ramblas was a terrorist target recently. While it saddens us anytime we hear of terrorist involvement, it makes it more real when the targets are areas we have visited. While our intent at all times is to remain safe, we refuse to allow terrorists to stop us from traveling. With that in mind, something we do is register with the US State Department so they know what countries we are in. This allows us to receive alerts from them as to any recent issues/incidents in areas around the globe. All we can do is to remain vigilant. Just know that our health and safety are always number one as we move about.

After checking into our hotel in the Eixample neighborhood we went straight for the Bari Gòtic neighborhood and the Taverna Basca Irati where we had the Basque style pinchos (small tapas) at the standup bar - €2,10 per pincho and €3 for Riojas (red wine). After they counted our toothpicks and we paid, we were off to finish the stroll on Las Ramblas to the sea. Although, our stroll was more about negotiating the sea of people, restaurants, shops, and street performers as we rambled to where the many cruise ships come in and the people depart to shop ‘till they drop.

La Padrera 1906-1912 - Undulating facades, dynamic forms, symbolism, mosaics, ornamental elements of functional design representing nature, a rooftop of artistic creation vanishing ugly ventilation towers and chimneys, all described Antoni Gaudi’s unique style of architecture. Many say this building is home to the most remarkable rooftop in Barcelona.

Casa Batilló - viewed Gaudi's exterior architectural elements.

Barri Gòtic self-guided walk - On our last visit to Barcelona, we didn’t have a chance to appreciate this large cosmopolitan, dynamic, and modern city. We’re glad we gave it a second chance and would look forward to coming back anytime we’re on the eastern side of Spain. We’d come back for the food alone!

Thanks for joining our journey.
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