Fika in Stockholm

Having left Norway behind us on 16 April, we arrived in Stockholm, Sweden after a 5-hour train ride. Norway had been having lovely spring weather, and the same was happening in Stockholm. While Oslo, the capital of Norway, has over 600,000 within its municipality, Stockholm, Sweden’s capital, has nearly one million. The archipelago of Stockholm is on Sweden’s east coast stretching out into the Baltic Sea and consists of 14 islands with over 50 bridges.

We stayed in Södermalm, an island district in the heart of Stockholm. While its architecture is from the 1700 and 1800s, it is currently considered the trendy and hip place for shops as well as cafes and restaurants. We spent our 3 nights at a lovely small hotel (Best Western I might add) and could walk, or with our transit pass, catch a bus, tram, metro (subway), or ferry anywhere we might want to travel to.

Here are a few of places we explored:

Gamla Stan (old town) founded in 1252 and considered one the best-preserved medieval heritages of Europe. We enjoyed traipsing around the long narrow streets.

Vasa Museum is located on the island of Djugården. It contains the 17th century Vasa warship that sunk 1500 meters into its maiden voyage (think 4 loops around a track)! This is a massive ship and the museum does a great job of telling the doomed tale. The woodworking is intricate and fascinating to see.

Around the waterfront:

Oh, and just what is Fika (pronounced feeka)? It’s taking time and in Sweden that means coffee and a sweet roll - preferably their cinnamon or amazing cardamom buns. They take their coffee seriously here and have more coffee shops than we’ve seen anywhere – that’s saying something coming from Seattle home of Starbucks! Think of Fika as you would picture Parisienne cafes or British tea-time. Let’s say we had our fair share of Fika!

Thanks for joining our journey.
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