Lighting Up the Sky in Canada

After spending time in Eastern Washington with family, on July 8 we ventured to the west side for a very busy 3 weeks. First off was to go to all the doctor/dentist appointments, labs, screenings, and follow ups one might have to do during the year. So next time you’re bemoaning all the doctor appointments, try doing them in 5 days. D had his taken care of in 3 and then we parted ways...not to worry, though, it’s just that D didn’t need to hang around the area while I was off gallivanting around! So, I sent him on his merry way to do some mountain biking in the Methow Valley, Washington, and Sandpoint and Wallace, Idaho. I had friends and family I wanted to spend time with plus drop off copies of my book, It Is What It Is, to various people that had inspired the many essays in Part II. The time apart meant a number of moves for both of us with D in funky old hotels and me staying with various family, friends, and in not so funky hotels. By the time we got back together 2 weeks later, we were both worn out.

Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

We left the Puget Sound Region of Washington on July 28 and drove north to Vancouver. Here we checked into a hotel for the night on English Bay so we could easily attend the International Fireworks Competition held in Vancouver each year. The competition is held on 3-nights, but we were here for the first night of competition with South Africa putting on quite a show. The weather was perfect for viewing and the water was as calm as glass. What we saw was nothing short of spectacular. It lasted for 25 minutes but it was like a grand finale the entire time. We had never seen fireworks dancing in the sky like this before.

The next day we drove over the Lion’s Gate Bridge to our next Airbnb location in West Vancouver, known fondly as West Van by the locals. This home was absolutely perfect for a quiet and low-keyed week-long stay. It was in a newly remodeled basement and perfectly designed and decorated. It was set up specifically for short term renters like us. Our host seemingly had thought of everything. Our outside patio area was in a lovely private yard plus we had a pool to cool off in. D enjoyed many bike rides over to Stanley Park and even signed up for a bike tour of the area. I enjoyed runs and walks in our village of Dundarave and along the sea wall. You could even find us at sidewalk cafés in the morning hours enjoying coffee and a croissant.

There’s quite a lot one can do in Vancouver, some of which we have done over the years. So, we didn’t do our normal exploring, but feel we captured the great atmosphere and flavor of West Van. For those who have been to Vancouver, West Van is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet you can pop over the bridge anytime you want to take in all that Vancouver has to offer. We will definitely be back here. And for those of you just over the border in the USA, do yourself a favor and schedule a getaway to West Van, then add a few more days because you won’t want to leave the Airbnb home we stayed in.

Thanks for joining our journey.
Stay tuned.