BBQ and Belles in Tyler, Texas

We left our Airbnb Arts and Crafts home in Fort Worth on March 14 and drove 2.5 hours to Tyler in East Texas. We are here for one thing, Stanley’s Famous Pit Bar B-Q! D had been through here a time or two previously when he was consulting and flying into Dallas to drive north of Shreveport, Louisiana. He raved about the BBQ and Stanley’s did not disappoint. Everything they have here is tasty and that includes the sides, too! As a matter of fact, we had our fill all 3 nights and enjoyed the Thursday Night Blues and BBQ.

We stayed at the lovely 1859 Woldert-Spence Manor Bed and Breakfast (a nice 1-mile walk to Stanley’s). The fantastic gourmet breakfast each morning helped fuel our days. It just happened that we were in town for the opening of the 59th Azalea & Spring Flower Trail which goes on for 2 weeks. Unfortunately, the Azaleas hadn’t quite come into their full glory during the time we were there. But we enjoyed the opening ceremonies with the 35 high-school belles in their colorful antebellum-styled gowns. Seeing the belles made up for the lack of azalea blooms. These belles are considered ambassadors of the city of Tyler and know everything there is to know. D and I drove and walked the neighborhoods along both trails after the opening ceremonies. Various trees and bulbs were in bloom and if it hadn’t been for this event, we might not have had the pleasure of seeing these old historic neighborhoods.

While we didn’t see a lot of people walking around Tyler, we sure did at Tyler State Park. It was just a short drive from town and an obviously popular place to camp and spend family time. There was a lovely walk around the lake and D and I enjoyed a much-needed walk after the gourmet breakfasts and BBQ at Stanley’s.

But one can’t leave Tyler without going for frozen custard at Andy’s. While Andy’s Frozen Custard has been around since 1986. Frozen custard isn’t something a West Coast person might be familiar with. We would think it’s soft serve ice cream like DQ (the Texas stop sign), but it’s not. Soft serve has 50% air whipped into it and less butterfat than regular ice cream. Frozen custard has more butterfat equal to or greater than regular ice cream, BUT slow turning blades churn the custard so it is rich, thick, and decadent! I’ve had frozen custard in the past, but Andy’s is the best. Andy’s makes their vanilla and chocolate frozen custard fresh hourly. They have a selection of toppings and make seasonal flavors. This stuff is addicting, so I’m glad they are only located in 11 states. I’ll stick to Gelato as it’s lower fat, thick, and creamy. But, on occasion, one must indulge in heaven and that would be Andy’s Frozen Custard. And Andy, I think I love you!

Tyler is the biggest city in these parts so Tyler’s the place all the smaller town people go when they head to the city. There are 3 colleges and a lot of growth which means a lot of traffic. We enjoyed our stop in Tyler. Great people, livable town. I look forward to passing through here again. Perhaps in the fall for the annual Texas Rose Festival held mid to end of October.

Thanks for joining our journey.
Stay tuned.