Getting Our Red Rocks On

We left Holbrook, Arizona on May 1 for breakfast in Winslow - just so I could be standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona. Yup, that’s the place made famous in the Eagles song Take It Easy. We arrived fairly early in the morning and could hear various Eagles tunes broadcasted into the neighborhood as we walked the now popular intersection. It was fun and definitely kitschy! After breakfast we continued our drive into Sedona. This visit was the third May we’ve spent in the West Sedona vicinity, and as always had a great time at an Airbnb home in a quiet neighborhood with gorgeous red rock views.

D and I enjoyed getting our red rocks on, so to speak, with him finding red dirt for bike riding, me running the hills and neighborhoods of our temporary home, and many hikes together. I was even able to get some laps in at the lovely community pool – yes, the very one where I was able to swim laps with the Brazilian Olympic Swim Team two years ago. It was great catching up with friends and having D’s Mom, Mary Vee, stay with us for a bit. We found time to do some trip planning and dot connecting for future travels, and I put a wrap on my book, It Is What It Is now available at Amazon. Note the link in the right hand column.

Here’s a recap of our time in Sedona:
We ate too much and loved the bottomless mimosas at L’Auberge’s Sunday brunch.


We had a great train adventure on the Verde Valley train one afternoon.

We hiked, and hiked some more – here's a few of the trails...

While the blog posts are lagging behind our whereabouts, you can always check the location link above to see where in the world the DaMClark's are.

Thanks for joining our journey.
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