Temecula Valley Wine Country

We left Palm Springs, California on February 14th and drove about 80 miles west to Murrieta, California in the Temecula Valley. We stayed in an Airbnb apartment over a garage in the lovely quiet hills above Murrieta surrounded by horse country, avocado farms, and miles and miles of white rail fencing. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Murrieta is only 65 miles from San Diego and 80 miles from Los Angeles. This was a new area for us thanks to the recommendations of others who have spent time here.

Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve - We were only a short drive away from this wonderful hiking area. The weather was cooler here than in Palm Springs, so we were finally able to do a bit of hiking. This is also where Dennis was able to find a bit more dirt for bike riding.

Wine Country – The Temecula Valley wine road has 40 wineries and 60 growers. Some of these wineries are massive estates with wine tasting, restaurants, and wedding venues. As one might imagine, it's a very popular weekend getaway from San Diego and Los Angeles, but we were able to take-in a midweek drive and an unforgettable lunch at Leoness Cellars.


Temecula - The small town of Temecula is also a very popular place for visitors. It has an old west feel packed full of restaurants, cars, and people. A quieter old town is Murrieta. It has restaurants, shops, a lovely spa I enjoyed one afternoon, and fewer people. It's also much easier to park a car.

While we were in Murrieta, we spent a huge amount of time planning the months ahead. Let’s just say, we’ll more than likely be in North America this year. We’ll be spending the next few months in New Mexico and see what all the fuss is about deep in the heart of Texas. So, saddle up, pull your boots on, and get ready to giddy-up.

Thanks for joining our journey.
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