Still Zigzagging California

Clovis, June 7, 8
After a long day of tree hugging in Sequoia National Park, we zagged our way into Clovis to spend time with our friends the Russell’s who had been former neighbors. It was nice of them to make time for us as they were in the last days of packing up to move to Idaho. Our hotel was located in the heart of oldtown Clovis. This heart was a fun mix of shops, food, and small-town feel. We enjoyed an evening catching up at dinner and walking through the weekly farmer’s market. Even though the Russell’s will be gone, we may just stop in Clovis again to get a little more small-town feel and maybe even head up to Kings Canyon.

Rohnert Park, June 9, 10
We left lovely Clovis and the foothills of the Sierra’s on June 9 and zigged over to Rohnert Park in Sonoma County north of San Francisco. We were there to spend a day with family and they showed us a sample of the area: a little history in Santa Rosa, and up close look at the recent fire devastation that roared through here last fall, a bit of Art in Sebastopol, and a BBQ dinner at their home.

History - Luther Burbank (1849-1926 legendary US horticulturist and plant wizard) home and garden in Santa Rosa. He was considered a maverick and thrived on developing new and unusual plants through what was thought to be unconventional methods for his time. There’s probably not too many of you who haven't had a Burbank Potato (developed after the world crisis of the potato famine). I couldn’t help to think of my Grandpa Leo who budded multiple varieties of apples on the same root stock to understand what the better performing apple varieties were. Perhaps he had been following Burbank’s studies.

Art - Sebastopol urban folk art by Patrick Amiot and Brigitte Laurent

Red Bluff, June 11
We left the Sonoma area on June 11 and zagged our way to Red Bluff for the night then onto Lassen Volcanic National Park on June 12. Lassen is an active geo-thermal area as in mudpots and hissing steam vents. We drove the 30-mile highway which provided excellent views right alongside of the road. We were slightly disappointed that a boardwalk over the Bumpass Hell trail was closed due to improvements. That boardwalk gets visitors out into the geo-thermal area. Looks like another visit is in order.



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