Taking a Break in Breck

Talk about a Rocky Mountain high, we stayed at an elevation of 9,282 feet in a lovely Airbnb in the hills between Frisco and Breckenridge – fondly called Breck by those in the know. Here you really do feel close to the sky. From the bathroom of our home we had a magnificent view of the hills, mountains, and even could see high tundra area in the distance. I say hills, because from here they seem like hills, but at this elevation they’re really all mountains.

Staying for a week in Steamboat Springs at 7,000 feet helped acclimate us to greater heights. We’ve found the best way to do this is to drink more water than normal and as we drive up and down the high passes, stop and stretch our legs and breathe deep. Because elevation changes put a squeeze on the body, we try and eat light so that we don’t have horrible gas issues from the squeeze on our guts. Once we arrive, we give ourselves a day to do some light walking, then move on to our normal activities of running and biking. For me, I walk the flats and run/jog the hills and that seems to work best for overcoming the feeling having an elephant sitting on my chest.

On our first morning on this trip we went out to stretch our legs on the trails behind the house. On our return, we looked up to see a moose on the trail. We stopped, she moved slightly off the trail and then we saw her calf (the size of a small horse) on the other side of the trail. Knowing one should never mess with a moose, and never get between a mom and her baby, we turned around and took a different route back. It was great seeing the moose even though it made our walk much longer. Moose move into the area in the fall and again in the spring. While we didn’t see fox, bear, or cougars, we know they are in the area and to always be aware. Quite a bit different hiking in these parts with all the wildlife. We have no moose on the loose photos as we didn’t take the time to get a better shot - if you know what I mean!

We were here during the change over from summer to fall and waking to the 30s in the morning was quite refreshing after the warmer temperatures of summer. Although, at this time of the year the afternoons were still warming to the 70s. The week was forecasted to have rain most days as weather seems to move in and out quite rapidly and it is normal to see rain in the afternoons in the fall, but we saw very little rain during our visit. This is a very dry climate and I was constantly applying hand lotion and lip balm, but they do get rain. In the spring the rain moves in and out in the mornings and by May it can be quite wet and is known as mud-season as the mountain snows melt and a change in temps move from winter to summer. In talking with our host spring and fall are quite short here.

Thanks for joining our journey.
Stay tuned.