Our Final Zig and Zag in California

Ashland, Oregon June 12-15
After leaving Lassen National Park, California on June 12, we zigged into McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park to see the falls. What’s unique about this waterfall is that it is fed by underground springs which create a skirting effect around the 129-foot drop. We could have easily driven past the park if it wasn't for a suggestion from our family in Rohnert Park. Thanks!

We continued to our next destination in Ashland, Oregon to attend the annual Shakespeare Festival and check out Ashland. We stayed at a nearby Airbnb 7 miles away which gave us views of a rural landscape and better prices than an in-town stay would have been. We saw Shakespeare’s Love’s Labor’s Lost at the open Elizabethan styled theatre (photos not allowed in theatre) and enjoyed the peace of the countryside. D even managed to check out the area on his bike, but no dirt this time.

Smith River, California June 16
We left southern Oregon on June 16 to zag back into California but this time on the northern coast at Smith River. We stayed in a home that Sedona friends of ours house swapped. The home was lovely with gorgeous views and just a dune above the Pacific Ocean, but absolutely no internet and poor cell service! Surprise!!! Now, I enjoy being able to unplug at times, but had not planned on running around finding internet service in Crescent City, California south of us or Brookings, Oregon north of us. You see, I was in the process of working through book publishing issues, and we needed to take care of some business and trip planning. Ah, best laid plans...no problem it is what it is, so we rolled right through any inconvenience with ease.

Our stay in Smith River was for 6-nights so we had plenty of time to explore the area, walk the beach outside of our home, kick-back to recover from our prior 2-weeks on the road, and spend time with our friends. We were able to enjoy the tallest trees in the world by exploring the Stout and Simpson-Reed groves and a scenic dirt road trail drive on the Howland Hill road in the Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park on the north end of the Redwood National Park. The Coast Redwoods – Sequoia sempervirens are rather slender and more conifer-like than the hefty Sequoiadendron giganteum we saw in the Sierra foothills. These monster Redwoods stand well over the 300 foot Sequoia with the tallest Redwood soaring 379 feet into the sky above.

The views from our home during the week were unbelievable and the walks on the nearly deserted sand and rocky beach memorable. The weather was mild, and we enjoyed foggy mornings with sunshine afternoons until the last two foggy days. It’s been awhile since we experienced a no internet situation which was unexpected, but we managed being slightly unplugged by visiting Crescent City to do our internet business.

Thanks for joining our journey.
Stay tuned,