It’s a DaM Celebration

This is a big year for us, a really BIG year! Not only have we passed our 2-year anniversary living in other people’s homes on the road, we’re celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary, and my soon to be published book It Is What It Is. If you missed my teaser post on my website, you can catch up here.

2-Year Houseless Anniversary - Here’s a few DaM numbers from our time on the road:

  • We’ve lived in 14 states.
  • We’ve lived in 9 countries outside the US.
  • We've driven approximately 30,000 miles in North America.
  • Number of beds (moves) – as of Taos on April 20th, 137 beds – do we have a Goldilocks complex or what?
  • Number of photos D’s taken: 22,700 and still clicking.
  • How’s the budget? Our budget per night for housing is $100. While we know that some beds are going to cost more, and others will be less, we figured over a year it would balance out. After running our numbers for the last two years, we are at $100.88 a bed!!! Wahoo!!! But what helps our budget is house sitting and friends and family stays. A big hug and a huge thanks to all of you!

After two years, are we getting tired of this life? Not really. After our last European trip, we’ve worked at slowing things downs a bit by not moving around quite as much. And, no, we haven’t found a place to set down roots yet – still looking... We can honestly say, we seem to have even more energy to continue to do what we are doing than when we began. There’s something about not knowing what’s around the corner.

You might be wondering what the DaMClark’s have up their sleeves this coming year on the road ... since we’ll be celebrating, why not check off a few bucket list type items? And they will all center around lighting up the sky – now that’s a celebration. We’re going to light up the skies in July with the annual Celebration of Light international fireworks competition in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We’ll be full of hot air and basking in the nighttime balloon glow lighting the skies in October with the annual Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. And to wrap up our travel year, we’ll be heading to the polar cap above Norway to see the northern lights! And with that, a little Kool & The Gang ...Celebrate good times, come on. It's a celebration. Yahoo!...

40th DaM Wedding Anniversary
We’ve celebrated each decade we’ve been together once a week this month with a special dinner out and lively discussion about what went on in our lives during that time. Like most people, I used to keep track of all the scheduled and not scheduled appointments and events we had going on in our lives on annual calendars. When we were downsizing, I didn’t want to let go of the stack of annual calendar journals, and there was quite a stack! So, I began making a list of significant calendar events in a file on my computer and tossed the calendars. With our recent celebrations, it was easy to review the 10-year intervals prior to celebrating each of the decades. What a fun month we’ve had! And yes, 40 is a DaM long time, but it’s a lot easier with your best friend.

We’d like to thank all of you for following along and hope we have inspired you to see some of the things we have. Make sure you spread the DaMClark love and share our website with those who may enjoy our adventures or need a little travel inspiration.

Thanks for joining our journey.
Stay tuned.