Fun in the Sun in Idaho

After the extended travel day June 13 from Wyoming, we arrived in Ketchum, Idaho (elevation 5,853) for a one-week stay in a new Airbnb condo listing along Trail Creek. It’s near the River Run Day Lodge at the bottom of Bald Mt. (Baldy), otherwise known as the Sun Valley ski area. Sun Valley is like going home to us because we’ve spent many weeks skiing this famous area over the years. I took my first ski lessons on Dollar Mt. when I was in my mid-20s, and by the end of the week I was shushing down the slopes over at Baldy. D was already an expert skier at this time so it was fun for me to be able to share the slopes with him and enjoy après ski after skiing our butts off during the day. Out of all the ski vacations we’ve had, Baldy has always been our favorite ski hill while Ketchum has been our favorite ski town.

It had been a number of years since we were in the valley, and it was fun to see the late spring bloom, green mountains, and snow-capped peaks. We were here off-season once before and that had been in the fall. Frankly, there’s not a bad time to visit the area. The town of Ketchum has always been an intimate place of good food, good vibes, laid back lifestyle, and a pleasant town to just-hang out in.

On this visit we spent quite a bit of our time walking about or me running/biking the 35-mile rails‑to‑trails path along the Wood River. D followed the river up into the hills on his mountain bike. We both enjoyed being back in the Wood River Valley as we’ve always loved it here. While the area is growing, it’s still a place to love anytime of the year.

After our week in Ketchum, we travelled to Yakima, Washington to catch-up with family then onto Snohomish, Washington - finally back to sea level after months of high elevation traveling. We were in Snohomish for a two week stay at our friend Julie’s while she was out of town. We were officially chick sitting as Julie has three Bantam chickens with more personality than anyone might guess a chicken would have. She figured her girls were in good hands considering we were old chicken farmers - having raised chickens of our own for fifteen years during our mini-farm days.

We left Snohomish on July 10 and flew to Europe! Catch up with the DaMClark’s as we begin another trip to Europe in the next post...

Thanks for joining us on our journey.
Stay tuned.