A Wedding in Boulder, Colorado

After recovering from our April tour of National Parks during the month of May in Sedona, Arizona (elevation 4,326 ft.), we hit the road on May 29 for a week in Boulder, Colorado to attend our niece’s wedding and see what Boulder has to offer. But first, 3 nights on the road with stops in Gallup and Sante Fe, New Mexico, and Colorado Springs, Colorado. This was our first drive across New Mexico and up the eastern portion of Colorado.

While Gallup was a quick over-night stay, we managed to spend a bit of time walking around the Pueblo style town of Sante Fe. Since we aren’t shoppers, lovers of turquoise and silver jewelry (or any jewelry for that matter), and don’t need to shop for art for our home (since we don’t have one), we weren’t in love with Sante Fe as many are. I can say, the food we had in New Mexico was fabulous and that alone is worth the drive across the state.

Now, Colorado Springs (elevation 6,000 ft.) we really enjoyed and look forward to spending more time there in the future. We were able to drive to Garden of the Gods just 15-minutes from our hotel and stretch our legs after the 6-hour day on the road from Sante Fe. There was more red rock there but completely different from anything we had seen during our April red rock tour of National Parks. After our 1-mile walk, we enjoyed a fabulous Italian dinner at the nearby Paravicini’s. Colorado Springs is also home to Pikes Peak (elevation a whopping 14,115 ft.). There is a cog rail service that will take you to the top, or you can drive up. But I’m not so sure driving would be a good idea considering the high elevation thin air. Next time we visit, Pikes Peak will be on our to-do list!

Not being able to dawdle in Colorado Springs, we continued to head north, drive around Denver and find our next Airbnb stay about 12 miles outside of Boulder, Colorado (elevation 5,430 ft.) in a rural municipality known as Lafayette. We enjoyed a wonderful, modern carriage house Airbnb location above a chicken coup and a very large (100 lb.) African spurred (sulcata) tortoise named Tim. What’s it like to live over a chicken coup for a week? First off, there was no rooster, and the girls and Tim kept to themselves. The pastoral and mountain views from our deck were absolutely lovely. And the evening thunder storms across the valley were fantastic!


Now for the wedding. The very fun and unique venue for our nieces wedding was at Gold Hill Inn in Gold Hill, an old mining town about 45 minutes up and into the hills out of Boulder. With many family members in town it was a wonderful family reunion. The next day a number of us enjoyed seeing a performance of Cirque du Soleil’s, Luzia in Denver.

While in the Boulder area, we spent time poking around the city, enjoying good food and great beer, lovely walks, and bike riding. We look forward to coming back to the area but next time we will definitely stay longer.

Thanks for joining us on our journey.
Stay tuned,