Close Encounters of the Spiny Kind in Sedona

For the month of May we returned to the West Sedona, Arizona home we stayed in last year. This is where we began our life on the road in 2016, and seemed like the place to go after exploring national parks around the Southwest during the month of April.

While in Sedona, I was able to do a bit of off trail running and Dennis managed do to quite a lot of mountain biking - and only land on one cactus!

D’s mom, Mary Vee, joined us for a two week visit, and on Mother’s Day we hiked up to the the Kachina woman rock formation. Native Americans consider Kachina to be a beacon for mankind and is found to be in a spiritual energy vortex – seemed like a good thing to do on Mother’s Day. Mary Vee also joined us for a hike up Sugarloaf Mountain – not bad for 82!


D and I climbed our favorite hike/rock scramble to Cathedral Rocks. These rocks take my breath away. In a word they are simply stunning. We’ve climbed this previously and still it fills me with joy. As we climb and rock scramble high into the cathedral, the views cause us to stop and gawk at the scenery laying out before us. When we reach our destination in the saddle between massive red rock pillars soaring into the skies above, we can see the surrounding mighty structures of the red rock valley spread out below. It’s a place I never want to leave and the pull to stay longer is always present. Love this place! While it only takes 40 minutes to work our way up, it's not for the faint of heart. Those who find a way up, must find a way down, and there seems to be quite a few people freaking out about this endeavor. For us it is simply an exhilarating place to be and we look forward to another visit next time we are in Sedona. The secret is to start early, like we did, and you may have the place to yourself, that is until you run into the masses of people who are freaking out on the way up to the Cathedral because they are already trying to figure out how they will manage to get down.

We had 2 weeks of unseasonable cool weather while in Sedona, but 70s were quite enjoyable to us. By the time we left on May 29th, the daytime temps were in the 90s. As D was loading our bikes, I was thinking back to his 3 bike mishaps over the last year, with 2 requiring clinical care. I'm hoping for safer bike paths as we continue to travel along on our second year on the road.

Thanks for joining us on our journey,
Stay tuned,