Page, Arizona

We left our lodge home in Orderville, UT on April 8 and took the scenic drive along 89A and view the lovely Vermillion Cliffs. We enjoyed seeing parts of this drive last year and decided we should see the whole thing. It looked entirely different this year after the recent rains and made for a lazy drive to Page, Arizona (elevation 4,000 ft.). We checked into our Airbnb apartment and settled in for five nights.

The following day we drove about 15 minutes away from our apartment and walked the ¾ mile trail out to Horseshoe Bend. Here the Colorado River wraps itself around in a giant horseshoe shape 1000 ft. below our view point.

On another morning, D was up to photograph sunrise.

Page, Arizona is located just off the northwest corner of the Navajo Reservation and only 4 miles to the amazing Antelope Canyon and Rattlesnake Canyon (both considered slot canyons). We booked a tour with local Navajo guides which is the only way to see and appreciate this area.

On another day, we visited Glen Canyon Dam. Seems fitting that the DaMClarks go on a dam tour! The dam is located on the Colorado River which backs up forming Lake Powell. The city of Page started as a housing community in 1957 for the construction workers of the Glen Canyon Dam. Taking this tour was not only informative but fascinating to see the views from various points only accessible on a tour.

Thanks for joining us on our journey.
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