Yee-haw! Monument Valley, Utah

On April 13 we left Page, Arizona and drove 2 hours to Monument Valley (elevation 4,838 ft.). We felt like we had been dropped into an old western movie set! We stayed at Goulding’s Lodge just outside the park and enjoyed the views of the valley from our deck. We woke up an hour before sunrise each of the mornings we were there to see the silhouettes of the monuments as the dark sky turned light then finally the sun began its climb for the day. Yippee-ki-yay!

During our stay, we took a 3.5-hour tour of Monument Valley in the Navajo Tribal Park. Our guide grew up playing in the area - it was interesting to hear his stories and was an amazing way to see the valley up close and personal. It was a very dusty drive and we were exhausted by the end. Yippee-ki-yo.

Thanks for joining us on our journey.
Stay tuned,