Heading to the Sun

During our month in the Pacific Northwest we allowed ourselves some downtime, followed up on a few routine appointments, and enjoyed time with friends and family during our stay. The Pacific Northwest had been having a rather cold, rainy, and snowy fall/winter, even by PNW standards, so we were more than ready to find some sunshine after a few weeks but we stayed the month then found the road calling once again.

We stopped in snowy Yakima for a few days with family then on February 16 we drove south to Oregon, west along the Columbia River, and stayed with friends in Seaside, Oregon for two nights. It had been close to forty years since we were down the coast of Oregon and California and we looked forward to seeing winter along the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, a rather severe storm front moved up the California and Oregon coastlines dropping tons of water – not very fun to drive in. We could see some great views of the Pacific Ocean along the southern Oregon coast, but in California the rains brought on mud slides and road closures so we decided to change our coastal road trip plans and move inland. We made a bee-line to the desert after driving from the coast through the Napa Valley then south to the warmth of the Coachella Valley. This area was going to be our destination for the month of March after the coastal drive, so we just added a few days. We found the warmth and sunshine we were seeking in Palm Springs where we stayed for five nights. I enjoyed getting in some running and we both enjoyed biking.

Since this was an off-season road trip we did not need to reserve our nightly motels ahead of time. Some days we were deciding to stop and stay the night as we were pulling into town. It added to the spontaneity of the adventure. Another thing that added to the spontaneity was Mother Nature. California has been in a severe drought situation for several years, so a Pacific coastline drive seemed like a good thing to do. But one never knows what Mother Nature has up her sleeve.

Thanks for joining us on our journey.
Stay tuned,