Setting Our Clocks in Greenwich

For a day trip while visiting London, we grabbed three trains to the Royal Borough of Greenwich, as in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), and arrived an hour later. Greenwich is considered England’s maritime capital, it is where Henry VIII was born, and where the 1869 Scottish built clipper, Cutty Sark, is now sitting high and dry and fully restored. But we were here to look at the history of the science of astronomy, timekeeping, and seafaring at the Royal Observatory, and stand with one foot in the eastern hemisphere and one in the western hemisphere. That would be at 0° longitude.

We stopped in for a meat pie at a pub nearby, and on our way to the train we spotted a pedestrian tunnel. After a bit of investigation, we walked through the cast iron 1902 1,215-foot tunnel located 50 ft. under the River Thames, and ended up at a train stop on the other side of the river. All in all, I’d say it was a jolly-good day!


Unfortunately, we both ended up fighting colds during most of our three weeks in London, and that somewhat limited what we did out and about while we were there. But, having colds gave us more time to hang around our neighborhood and live like a temporary local. We enjoyed seeing the sites we did see, our long walks, the architecture of the neighborhoods, eating good food, and we can say the idea of bland British food is more of a thing of the past influenced by the fantastic mix of cultures residing here. We even popped in at the local National Health Service clinic so they could make sure we just had a virus and not something worse – and there was no charge! We loved the easy transit system with the above ground trains, below ground (tube) trains, and of course the double-decker buses. But there were issues with a transit strike during our last few days here – again limiting what we could reasonably do. While we can’t say we had a grand time in London due to our ongoing colds, we enjoyed our time here and look forward to going back to the UK soon.

Thanks for joining us on our journey,
Stay tuned,