Europe 2016 Favorites

We left London, England for the US on January 11 with an overnight in Boston, Massachusetts, then onto Seattle, Washington. The third phase of the virus we had been plagued with in Malaga, Spain and London decided to hit me during our flight home with a good old fashioned head cold. I spent the following week recovering on the couch of the condo we were staying at. I’m happy to say we are over that dreadful bug.

At the end of our wonderful four-month European adventure, our friend Renee asked us what our three favorite places were and why. We gave the rather tough question some thought and both of us came up with the same three picks. So, without further ado, drumroll please ...

DaMClark's top three places from our 2016 European adventure
(not in any particular order)

Mosel River, Germany
It is simply quintessential Germany with its beautiful and serene river, vineyards, and castles. We would return here and stay longer than three days to hang out in the serenity of the wine country along the river valley. The Rhine River valley would also be a great place to visit as it is only an hour’s drive away.

Bamberg and Regensburg, Germany
We enjoyed the history, the stunning locations along the rivers, the great German food, and big on our list - seeing the towns Germans most often travel to. Both cities are worthy of working into your travel plans as they are only a 2-hour drive from each other.

Malaga, Spain, on the Costa del Sol
A mid-size, pedestrian friendly, town with a stunning setting along the Mediterranean. What's not to love! We thoroughly enjoyed the great seafood and local cuisine, the history, the local Mercado for fresh food, the lovely people, and being able to move into the community and feel like a local for three weeks. What a fantastic place to visit when the temperatures start to cool in the fall and winter. This was our first trip to Spain and we were quite taken by its beauty. We plan to go back for a month or so and travel throughout Spain and Portugal.

What would we do different?
Due to weather, we would suggest heading out of northern Germany to southern Germany earlier than we did to take advantage of the warmer fall weather in the south. We were in the north during mid-October so it would be advantageous to take in the north before October.

Picking favorites is subjective, but being the "experts" that we are we gave it our best shot. We should note, however, we enjoyed every place we visited and made it a point to make ourselves at home wherever we went. As always, it is the experience of the place more than what there is to see and do that keeps us traveling. It is the people we meet along the way that make our travels more interesting. Have we gotten tired of the road after this first long adventure? Absolutely, not! If anything, this trip helped us realize that we are on the right track with this gypsy lifestyle. As we travel, we consider ourselves as unofficial ambassadors of the United States, and do our best to make those of you at home proud. Traveling has enriched us in more ways than we can tell you. We view the world differently, and hopefully in a more honest way because of our travels.

Thanks for joining us on our journey.
Stay tuned,