Cliff Hugging Amalfi

We took a drive south from Sorrento along the cliff hugging Amalfi coast on a beautiful upper 60s day. We were able to enjoy the views without massive high-season traffic that, we are told, lines the coast bumper to bumper. We stopped to have a mid-day meal at a tiny café out of the main tourist area of Amalfi City and enjoyed our drive back.

During the rest of our time in Sorrento, we often walked into town (20 minutes) on a steep zig-zagged path just down the lane from our home. We wandered through the outdoor market, had great pizza, gelato, limoncello (lemon liquor), checked out the old town, waterfront, and talked about the area with locals. When hiking up the steep zig-zagged path we had the Stations of the Cross guiding us past a very tiny church. Seeing Jesus deal with his walk made our climb easier. One evening we drove into town after dark to see the Christmas lights decorating the city. While there we enjoyed a fabulous dinner in old town at Ristorante Fuoro.

We cherished our ten days the end of Novemer in Sorrento and are very glad to have stayed high on the hill. We'll miss the views, the solitude, the olive oil, fresh oranges and lemons, and Carlo, our hosts ever present smile. Even off-season, these little coastal towns are busy and noisy with traffic and the sounds of buzzing bees (scooters). We feel off-season is the time to be here and really enjoy what the area has to offer. If you can, look Carlo up for an even better experience perched high on the hill above Sorrento.

Thanks for joining us on our journey.
Stay tuned,