Wrapping Up Summer 2016

Spokane, Washington

Once we left Nelson, BC, we drove south to Spokane where we spent three days in the South Hill area. We hadn’t been to this part of Spokane previously and were surprised by the number of neighborhoods that were full of Craftsman and Queen Anne style homes from the early 1900s. Dennis was able to catch the bike trail that runs between Spokane and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho from the Airbnb we were staying in. I enjoyed running the neighborhoods and looking at the old homes. We were close to Manito Park so I thought I would take a run that way. Manito is a public park with 90 acres of lawns, playgrounds, walking/biking paths, greenhouses, ponds, a conservatory, and five gardens all in major blooming mode. Since I knew nothing about the park, it was a complete surprise to me as I ran up, down, and all around. Manito was designed by the Olmsted Brothers who also designed numerous parks and colleges throughout the United States. While I have seen many parks by the Olmsted’s, I do feel this one is a jewel. So next time you are traveling through Spokane, do yourself a favor and spend some time on South Hill so you can see Manito Park, the lovely neighborhoods, and check out the local bakeries, and brew pubs.


Clarkston, Washington

From Spokane we drove south along the Washington-Idaho border through farmlands and wheat fields to Clarkston, located west of Lewiston, Idaho on the Snake River. We stopped here to see more of the eastern region of our state, visit friends, and stay at a particular Airbnb we had seen on the Airbnb website. This was the first time we stayed in a home sharing living spaces with the hosts. Our beautiful home did not disappoint and the hosts were wonderful. It was quite warm while we were in Clarkston, but we enjoyed the area and look forward to returning again as we didn’t get a chance to take a Hells Canyon jet boat adventure. And that’s okay, because when we travel we don’t even try to see and do everything, that gives us time to just kick back and relax. Plus, we always have something more to return for.

Yakima to Bothell to Snohomish, Washington

We traveled once again to Yakima and visited family then onto an Airbnb in the Canyon Park area of Bothell. It was a convenient location for us to take care of a number of things, and once again the hosts were great. From there we moved onto Snohomish to stay with a friend and prepare for the next big leg of our adventure – You won't want to miss this next stage!

Thanks for joining us on our journey.
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