Heart of Big Sky Country

We became locals the month of July in beautiful Bozeman, Montana by staying at an Airbnb duplex in one of the many west Bozeman neighborhoods. Home of Montana State University, this college town of approximately 50,000 has a down-home feel. The vibrant central core of old town architecture, tree-lined streets, historic homes, and college campus make Bozeman a very livable city. Hay and wheat fields surround the town skirting the mountains, while the canyons full of pine trees create a patchwork-like quilt impression. This is a place for people who love the outdoors. Where you can hit the slopes in the winter just 16 miles away, and run, bike, or hike the many trails around Bozeman and up into the hills. Here’s what we’ve been up to during our stay:

  • Overview - With the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, you’ll find the Bridger’s, Gallatin and Tobacco Root mountains all within view wherever you go. The elevation of the Gallatin valley floor is 4,795 feet and having recently come from the west coast, we are getting used to the elevation change when it comes to running, biking, hiking, and cooking.
  • Weather - The month of July has been lovely. We had a mix of 80s-90s with mostly cool nights. A surprise to us was how often hot days cool with the buildup of clouds and wind in the afternoon. We also have enjoyed more than a few thunderstorms.
  • Day Trips - Previously we wrote about our weekend in Butte. But we also took a drive west to Three Forks and Missouri Headwaters State Park to see where the Madison, Jefferson, and Gallatin rivers converge to form the Missouri River. On another day we drove east to Livingston and Paradise Valley.
  • Events - Summer brings farmers markets where we picked up fresh produce on Tuesdays at Bogert Park and on Saturdays at the fairgrounds. We spent one evening walking through the Bozeman Big Sky Country State Fair with our longtime friends the Blomstrom’s, and even stopped in at a Thursday Music on Main with the Weber’s, our new friends from Germany.
  • Hitting the trail - We hiked the College M Trail, and Peets Hill. M got to know Bozeman her way by taking her morning runs to the streets around the downtown and environs. D rode his mountain bike on many serious mountain biking trails in the hills including: Bozeman Creek to Mystic Lake, Leverich Canyon, Triple Tree Loop, and Bangtail Divide. He also survived a hit-and-run with a truck and trailer. Fortunately, he only needed 14 stitches in his forearm.
  • We checked out my family roots by driving up Bear Canyon where my great, great grandparents once lived in the early to mid 1900s. I even met a distant cousin who spent quite a bit of time with my great, great grandma. We enjoyed being able to spend time with friends Jeana, Mark and their boys, Tyler and Grant. Speaking of Grant, a big thank you for giving me my first fly-fishing lesson. I was happy he was available, as it’s not often when one gets to spend time with this fly-fisherman extraordinaire. I’d say D and I covered a lot of territory and truly felt as if we were locals, but yet there are so many things we didn’t get to do this time around.

Thanks for joining us on our journey.
Stay tuned,