Finding Peace in Sedona

“If you’re brave enough to say goodbye,
life will reward you with a new hello.”

-Paulo Coehlo

Prior to heading out on our new adventure, we decided to do a road trip and go someplace to decompress. Having been in Sedona in 2009, we knew this red rock paradise would be the perfect someplace to call home after the intense pace of the last few months.

We are two weeks into our month-long Sedona visit and we can’t seem to wipe the smile off our faces. There’s no regret or misgivings. We both know this is what we should be doing and are grateful we didn’t wait longer. The time here is allowing us to wrap up loose ends, make travel plans, and continue to fine-tune this website in between hikes into the beautiful red rocks surrounding us.

One of our priorities while traveling from place to place will be to figure out where our beds will be in the upcoming months. This alone will take on a constant dialog as we make the world our home. Since many of you have asked, here’s a look at what will be happening for the DaMClarks in the months ahead:

Upon leaving Sedona we will start heading north with known stops in Salt Lake City, Utah, and in Washington: Yakima, Lake Chelan, and back to the Seattle area. When we leave Seattle we will make our way to Bozeman, Montana for a month during July/August then we will once again wander back to the Seattle area prior to heading to Europe sometime this fall. Until all that, we have two more weeks here in Sedona and promise to catch you up on what we’ve been up to.

Stay Tuned,