Munich the DaMClark Way

After our somewhat calamitous previous day, we head out to Munich with no audio tour. We walked to the Isar River, just a block from our apartment, and walked the many paths on both sides of the river. We were immediately struck by how beautiful this area was. While there were busy streets beside us, we hardly noticed. We walked here and there as we saw things of interest and looked them up via cell internet as needed. When we were in Bamberg our host, Anna, contacted her sister who lives in Munich and sent us a list of some of her sister's favorite locations. Interestingly enough, most of these noted places (food, see this, have a drink here, and on and on) were close to our neighborhood! We managed to check a few of her favorites off the list. Thanks again Anna for making the contact.

We enjoyed watching a fisherman in waders walking his rather large fish. We walked along the Isar River pedestrian path as he walked the river. When he came up to the path we talked to him about the fish known as a Hucko or Danube Salmon (fresh water fish in salmon family endemic to Danube basin), and he said it is a very difficult fish to catch and he usually only gets one a year.

We watched river surfing in the Eisbach, a small channel of the Isar River well known for river surfing. It was fun to be so close to people surfing in the churning waters.

We saw a line-up outside a bakery/café so we got in line! We walked out with schmalznudels and devoured them right there while they were still warm – beats a dinky doughnut any day!

We had lunch again outside even though it was much cooler than yesterday, but that’s what German’s do. At the Vicktualienmarkt again but this time we picked up ham sandwiches and sat in the area where you help yourself (as in pick up whatever you are going to eat or drink yourself from the many vendors). It somehow seemed cozy sitting with the crowd of people all bundled up eating ham sandwiches and drinking our beers.


Here are a few other diversions of note during our stay in Munich:

Biking Munich: we rented bikes and rode around the VERY crowded Englischer Garden. Dennis did his own bike day and saw some sights in northwest Munich and back through the Englischer Garden again.

I was able to replace my tired Nike running shoes with new ones and got a chance to become one with my running shoes once again along the Isar River. I should note that being in a big city, there are a lot of runners of all ages going through their paces around Munich - very nice to see.

One of our favorite sites in Munich was the Peace Angel (something we didn’t see noted in self-walking guides). And finally, we had wanted to visit the Deutsches Museum, Germany’s Smithsonian, but it was under a massive renovation until 2018 so we will leave it for another time.

We took a day trip to Salzburg, Austria, but I will write about it in another post. We wrapped up our last days in Munich enjoying good food, hanging out in our neighborhood, and appreciating some much needed downtime.

Thank you for joining us on our journey.
Stay tuned,