Picturesque Regensburg

We took a scenic drive from Bamberg south to Regensburg, located on the northernmost section of the Danube River and known for its well preserved medieval core. We stayed at an Airbnb within the old town for the next 3 nights. After dropping our bags, we stopped into a brauhaus (brew house) around the corner from where we were staying. We could already feel the great vibe in town and looked forward to wandering the next day.

The next day was Dennis’ birthday and he started the day with an apple strudel from the backeri around the corner. I try a Bamberger Croissant (I didn’t get a chance to sample this delicacy in Bamberg and do not often have my own pastry as I just share a bite of whatever D is having - this particular one was filled with a hazelnut cream). A nice way to begin our day. We walked all over town and checked out the 12th century Old Stone Bridge with 16 arches over the Danube. We saw the 13th century Regensburg cathedral with its massive curly-cued double spires, and the Roman-era Porta Pretoria (a city gate dating to 179 A.D.). We were also able to see other Roman-era sights uniquely preserved free for viewing at different places around the town.

We stopped for lunch along the Danube at a sausage house from the 12th century, the sausages and sauerkraut with beer were wonderful. Please note the sausages were not from the 12th century - so no worries!


The next morning, I went out for an early morning run, and once again seemed to feel like I was an anomaly. After the run I had my haircut by Ange (does not speak English well) with Bene translating. Bene is a stylist at the salon, but she thought Ange would be better for me and my short hair. Fortunately for me Bene did not have an appointment to deal with at the time. I asked Bene why I see very few people running, her response, you won’t see people your age running, as the running thing is newer and it is done by only younger generations - mostly men. Alrighty then. It ended up being a great haircut and was fun with all the translating going on. I wasn’t a bit worried about how my hair would turn out. It grows quickly plus it helps that my hairstylist from the US, Ana, took after photos for me to show other stylists how it should look. Again, no worries.

Something we hadn’t done on prior visits to Europe was take an English language walk-about the town tour from the travel info center. We can’t say that anymore. Two hours later our heads were full of history and we could appreciate the architectural style and history associated with the area even more than we did on our self-guided walk the day before.

Regensburg was a picturesque town with a lovely palette of colors spread throughout all of the buildings. It’s a great mix of old and new with a wonderful feeling or vibe as we walked around town. There are a great many college students living in the old town from the nearby university. As with cities in the US, we usually enjoy a college town atmosphere - good food, coffee, arts, great people, and no worries.

Thanks for joining us on our journey.
Stay tuned,