We took a 1.5-hour train ride from Regensburg to Munich, Germany. We stayed at an Airbnb within a fifteen minute walk from the pedestrian friendly historic core at Marienplatz, and just around the corner from the Isar River. We were both looking forward to our weeklong stay in Munich as we had been traveling every three or four days for the last two weeks.

We do what everyone should do who hasn’t been to Munich and see the glockenspiel at the neo-gothic Neus Rathaus (New Town Hall) at Marienplatz.

While we spent time taking a somewhat disastrous walking audio tour (you can find out what happened at Michelle’s It Is What It Is website here). We enjoyed the Victualienmarkt near Marienplatz (Munich’s daily open air food market and beer gardens).

Out of all the churches in Munich we chose to stop into 3: The 1368 St. Peter’s Church, The Baroque stylized Asam Church, and the beautiful baroque St. Michael’s Church (northern outpost of Rome for the Jesuits beginning in 1500s).

We stopped in to see what all the oompah, pah was about at Hofbräuhaus (world famous beer house), had a grosse brez’n (giant pretzel), and enjoyed sloshing beers with everyone while toasting on a regular basis to what? We had no idea but it was fun.

Thank you for joining us on our journey.
Stay tuned,