Charming Bamberg

When we were discussing our potential travel plans with Evi and Frank, our friends from Germany, they had asked me where I had traveled on the Rick Steves tour 13 years ago. When I mentioned staying in Rothenburg, Germany, they both said, only the tourists go there. I had to laugh because I didn’t personally care for the town as it was touristy to the extreme; in other words, not one of my favorite places. Both Evi and Frank agreed we must go and see a more authentic medieval town and they mentioned Bamberg. Located in northern Bavaria, Germany, it is where the Regnitz and Main rivers meet. It’s a half-timbered town over a span of 7 hills with many bridges. This is a town of cathedrals, palaces, rose gardens, canals, and locks.

We stayed for 3 nights in a new unique Airbnb apartment complex in what used to be a rope factory. The 3-level apartment was quite modern. Our host moved out while we were there, and unlike a previous stay in an Airbnb in Washington state, Anna made sure there was plenty of room for us to spread out and make ourselves at home. We were Anna’s first Airbnb guests – generally we steer clear of being the first guest, but based on the fact Anna had been a traveler of Airbnb’s we figured she knew what she was doing. Our inclination was correct. Anna did everything right.

We made dinner in our Bamberg home the first night in town. The next couple of days we wandered the hilltops and the many bridges. We enjoyed great food and the scenic walking areas along the rivers. The layout of the town is interesting but user friendly for bikes and walking. Anna mentioned we should try a local specialty, Rauchbier (smoke beer) – let’s just say we sampled it. Normally I love a good, strong dark beer but this tasted like a very smoky ham! I prefer to chew my ham not drink it. Prost!

Thanks for joining us on our journey.
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