The Talk of the Town

We drove from Otterlo, Netherlands 4-hours northeast into Germany and stayed at Hotel am Medemuffer in Otterndorf just a short walk from the North Sea. This town is known for its Sole-Therme Spa and resort/beachside location. We didn’t have a chance to visit the spa this trip, but this lovely town and hotel deserves a longer visit. The town was stunning and the dike area blocking the North Sea fascinating. On a morning run I seemed to be an oddity - as if where's her bicycle? As we were checking out, our hotel clerk mentioned she saw me running, ah yes, the talk of the town, indeed. We had no trouble speaking English although it seemed to be difficult to get people started. I asked the clerk if they see very many English speaking visitors and she said never!

After a one-night stay, we drove the small backroads south from Otterndorf to Hamburg, Germany. We saw more apple orchards than we have ever seen in Yakima or Wenatchee, Washington put together. The apple scent in the air was inviting so we stopped at a stand and picked up a few apples from an old farmer - who spoke very good English, I might add. We made our way into the city of Hamburg, Germany through closed roads, construction, and Friday afternoon traffic. A driving challenge! More on our Hamburg adventures next time.

Thanks for joining us on our journey.
Stay tuned,