Moseying Around the Mosel Valley

From Cologne, Germany we drove to the Mosel River (300 miles in length from France’s Vosges mountain range to Koblenz, Germany where it dumps into the Rhine River). The Mosel is known for the regions white wines and beauty. In the 1960s a series of locks were built to improve river traffic on a narrow river. This, in effect, gave the Mosel a series of serene lakes.

We stayed in the town of Cochem, the hub of the middle Mosel. The next 3 nights our home was the Hotel Germania. It had a café and bakery that sits in front of the hotel along the Mosel and includes breakfast. If we are doing a hotel, why not stay at the one with an onsite bakery? Ja, Ja (ya, ya)! Once we checked in we took a walk around our new home base and celebrated German style at an outside café in the platz (place - usually a town center). We toast our stay in the Mosel with a beer and I try one of the regions white wines.

The next day we day trip to Burg (castle) Eltz in Moselkern just a 20-minute drive away. We took a wrong turn which can be a bit frustrating when you don’t know an area, but I don’t believe there are wrong turns. Instead of arriving at a parking area so we could enjoy a hike in the woods to the castle, we ended up above the vineyards and watched grape harvest, then above the Mosel Valley in vast grain farmlands. It was beautiful up there and we would not have seen it if not for our wrong turn. After driving through the scenic farmlands we found our way to the parking and hiked to the castle. Burg Eltz has been left intact for 700 years and is decorated and furnished much as it was 500 years ago. It’s been in the Eltz family for 850 years! We enjoyed the scenic walk up the valley to the castle, went on a tour (spoken in German), and enjoyed our walk back down to the car.

Burg Eltz

The following day we boarded a river cruise boat. One hour later we arrived in the town of Beilstein. It was inaccessible except by boat until around 1900 so it is a well preserved little town. We took a self-guided tour through the town up to the ruined Burg Metternich to take in the views then enjoyed a lunch by the river before cruising back to our home in Cochem. Once back we walked up to the Reichsburg above town to take in the views over our home base. We did not tour this castle but it is intact and now owned by the city of Cochem.

River Cruise and Beilstein


We loved the Mosel – even though I am not normally a white wine drinker. There were quite a few tourists, mostly German, because of the weekend and due to the fact schools in the area were closed for the 2-week fall break. We would not hesitate in spending more time here on another visit.

Thanks for joining us on our journey.
Stay tuned,