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Life is a Journey...

Hello! We are Dennis and Michelle Clark. That's "D" and "M" Clark - damclark if we were too subtle for you!
Originally from Washington State, USA, we now travel full time and lay our heads in whatever locations we find to our liking at the moment.

While traveling both in the US and abroad, we primarily use Airbnb and Vacation Rentals by Owners - VRBO to rent rooms, apartments, and entire houses depending on our needs and length of stays. On occasion we will throw in a hotel when we need a quick stop while transitioning from one location to another. We started using these services over the last couple of years when we traveled primarily to Europe. In our experience, we had not truly "seen" Paris unless we had rented an apartment and lived in a neighborhood shopping, eating, and mingling with the locals. These experiences got us thinking..."Hey, we could do this full time." And here we are!


I am retired after 38 years working in a paper mill, then 3+ years running a consulting company. In the damclark team, I am the designated geek and responsible for keeping the electronics and computers we carry updated and connected while on the road. Luckily this is a natural fit for me. We both work on this web site so friends and family can follow along and keep track of where we are and what we are doing. Photography has long been a hobby of mine. I take a lot of pictures, (mostly snapshots truth be told), and only subject you to those we think help tell our story. Michelle is the writer, but I will be adding some blog posts on occasion with my twist on what I see and do when the muse hits me.


Selling our house and eliminating a good portion of our stuff has given me a whole new sense of freedom. Previously, I have enjoyed being a gardener. Now, with no land of my own to spread my roots and sow my seeds, I hope to branch off in a new direction with the words I share with you from the road. Being the designated writer of the team corresponds with the blogging I have enjoyed doing since 2010. Learning from the circumstances of your life is the underlying theme of my blog It Is What It Is but certainly extends to this website as well. I hope we inspire you to find a whole new sense of freedom for yourself. So pack your bags and grab a seat as we share our journey with you.

We are glad you have taken the time to learn a little more about who we are and what we are doing. Enjoy the site, and be sure to hit the Subscribe button on the blog page so you won't miss any of our exciting new adventures!